All of the information included on the map was largely taken from a tax roll of St Catharines that was done in the early 1900’s. Further research was done exploring maps of the roadways during this time to assure the accuracy of the street names on the map. 


Experience gained in this class exceeds the simple knowledge surrounding the the census content. The glimpse into the lives of these individuals from this time is fascinating in itself, however the class extends into the processes and steps it takes to display the information we have of our history in a creative, yet simple and effective way. 


The information is organized on the map in a way that allows research to be conducted with ease. It allows items to be compared and measured with both numbers visual components.  The project allows flexibility in studying in a comprehendible way. 


      The data within the census included the following:

        • an individuals name
        • age
        • occupation
        • land owner
        • estates
        • type of schooling
        • number of children and their ages
        • address
        • income & assets
        • number and gender of dogs
        • number in the household
        • religion 
        • amount of livestock