Niagara Lives: A Historical WebGIS of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Created by Brock University Students in HIST2P26, “Introduction to Digital History”



Welcome to Niagara Lives. This website showcases the work of the students of HIST2P26: Introduction to Digital History, at Brock University. These students have engaged in a collaborative research project transcribing census data from St. Catharines into a database, and creating an interactive, dynamic WebGIS to allow users to explore and analyze the historical population of St. Catharines. Here you’ll find a brief background of the project, some information on the sources used, and a guide to exploring Niagara Region’s past lives.


HIST 2P26 is one of many history courses offered at Brock and introduces an interactive WebGIS database to students

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The current Niagara Region we see today is built up from 12 separate municipalities with St. Catharines being the most populated. 

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Our HIST 2P26 team worked through tax rolls from the 1900’s and both transcribed and edited hundred year old data. 

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